T-Mobile San Francisco

Organizing our thoughts around the brief, we believe Signature stores should be the manifestation of the Uncarrier brand resulting in a customer (and associate) experience. The disruptive DNA, industry-challenging attitude and direct/transparent messaging will be key factors to bring alive in the retail experience. Currently more about linear product presentations, the T-Mobile stores must become more providers of innovative solutions and experiences fitting to consumers’ lifestyle and technology needs. T-Mobile’s innovative nature of solving pain-points for customer and disrupting the carrier market is at the root of all its services, therefore the Signature stores should be the “House of Innovation.” Setting the standard for not only how products and services are offered and sold, but also allowing customers to experience, demo, learn, play and interact with solutions that make their lives better now, but also for the future to come. We wanted to “3-Dimensionalize” the brand. What if the TMO network was created into a physical element, how would it look? How would it fill a space? And similar to how the TMO network facilitates our daily lives via our devices, how would it facilitate a store experience. The theme of “The Network” as a physical manifestation of the brand, as architecture in a space and as the backbone of customer experiences in a store is the core of our concept. Through the use of magenta “connectors”, beams and columns as conduits to different experiences in the store and innovation and technology happening behind the scenes, the T-Mobile network comes alive in this store.

Lead designer
T-Mobile US