Li-Ning Beijing and Shangai

The design of a new retail concept for Li-Ning’s flagship stores in Beijing and Shanghai. Li-Ning is one of China’s largest developers and distributors of sports apparel, footwear, equipment and accessories. The two Li-Ning stores together comprise more than 6.000 square meters. The 2.000 square meter Beijing store opened in March, and Shanghai, at 4.000 square meters, opened in July 2013. We started its design process with a thorough analysis of Chinese 18-35s. Findings revealed that 93% view mystique is an important factor in making a brand “cool”, and 85% identify with a brand that represents motion. Based on this was created a brand experience that celebrates motion and creates a mystique around the idea of movement itself. To capture this mindset was introduced a strong angular grid pattern that is presented throughout both stores – in the ceilings, lighting and floor patterns. This pattern creates an impression of non-stop movement with no beginning or end. Parquet wood flooring evokes a traditional gymnasium floor while playing to the angular theme.

Lead designer
Sports fashion