UPC Dordrecht

UPC launches a new concept store in Dordrecht Netherlands. The store‘s new layout helps to illustrate how UPC is making a change to be the customers first and last choice in home entertainment. An UPC store to appeal to everyone, emphasizing UPC’s commitment to customer experience and friendly service. We set sail to break the myth of the all boys Sunday football-night and designed a store that also pays attention to the needs of
women.The general focus was the “feminine” influence on television with shows such as Sex & the City, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. As such, the store is divided in two. A more masculine service area “Behind the Screens” which echoes of a well-oiled machine ensuring the best service for the customer. The other side of the store, “In front of the Screens”, features a more feminine area with a warmer atmosphere and rich details, where the customer can watch television in comfort. Woven in between these two areas are the UPC service desks, connecting the two themes. The Moroso sofa, aptly named “My Beautiful Backside” in the front area is the backbone of the store and a first in the Netherlands. Symbolizing UPC’s more feminine side, the sofa acts like a muse, inviting and friendly, allowing UPC to transport you back home. It also serves to mark the distinction in the shop between the rugged “Behind the Screens” service area and the reassuring feminine feeling of comfort “In front of the Screen”.

Lead designer
UPC Netherlands