Grapy Roosendaal

Capitalizing on the inseparable pairing of food and wine, the Grapy Store is housed in the same space as the Het Verborgen Rijk bookstore, right next to its cooking section. The two stores, located at the Passage mall in Roosendaal, share the same shop front and compliment each other with a crossover in merchandising. Cooking, food and wine books are displayed within the Grapy Store, right next to relevant wine displays.
The task was to develop a ‘shop in shop’ with completely flexible fixtures, with the idea that the concept could be rolled out into additional bookstores, or other complimentary retailers like gourmet delis or music shops. The 25 square meter store, which opened in mid-July 2011, features a modular system of arrow-shaped stack-able, changeable wine and book units. The stacks of colorful units differ in height, mimicking the digital sommelier flavor charts available on the Grapy website.

Lead designer
Drinks and books